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5 stars well deserved. I'm flying by China but with scenarios of this quality Skysoft, I have to change my flight plans. Everything perfect, lighting, textures, objects, FPS, everything the same. The approach lights and taxyways, never seen such beautiful night. Voces deserve congratulations and keep it up. A quality success, thank you.
- Alexandre Gabriel Gomes SILVA, customer of Lijing Sanyi Int'l Airport (Translated from Protuguese

Absolutely wonderful addon airport. One of those rare airports where (even though it is only pixels on your PC screen), you really feel that you are there, in China. Everything from the sandy coloured runway textures to the authentic Chinese Kanji characters is just perfect. My new favourite airport, and great for China Southern flights all over China and Asia (where there are now some great addon airports). Highly recommended.
- David Rogers, customer of Haikou Meilan Int'l Airport

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Bring your flight simulator up to date

Updates to your internal flight simulator stock data, populate your default gps and route planner with current navaids for the first time!

Download our data to update your default scenery BGL files for free. It will bring your simulator stock data from the state it was in 2005 to an updated state with current airways and waypoints. FSX, FSX Steam version and Prepar 3D (all versions) are supported.

The update features:

  • Airway updates

    For the first time, you will be able to update the in-game airway to the most recent AIRAC cycle.

    Your in-game planner will find a much realistic route. It even benefits the AI aircrafts.

    Your GPS (even for stock aircrafts) is also updated.

  • Navaid and Waypoint updates

    Full radio navigation is now possible - the global navaids (including VORs, NDBs and DMEs) is up-to-date.

Additionally, you may

  • Update FMS data that rely on default scenery
  • Import your flight plan addon aircrafts (if supported)
  • Receive a much accurate enroute weather data with Active Sky Next
  • And much more...

*Navigraph provides the data source, thus you have to aquire a Navigraph navdata subscription in order to download our data.

Differences between default scenery and AIRAC cycle 1604

Sceneries, repaints, free for all

We have a couple of high quality sceneries for free download. Please visit our scenery download area to grab them.

Our quality repaint work is for free download as well.

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